What’s going on in and around Hitzacker?

A lot! And no matter how old you are, you will have fun. Here we have collected a few tips for you. For upcoming events and the latest information please contact us directly in the destinature village. To explore the region, you have the option of renting a vehicle from our cooperation partner Carsharing im Wendland.

When you arrive in the Wendland

Some people say that Hitzacker is not part of the Wendland. We don’t take that too seriously, because we think you’ll find the Wendland spirit everywhere here. What is that? Above all, it is a unique mixture of creative and committed people, no matter whether they have their roots here or have “transplanted” themselves.

And that is exactly why we sat up our first destinature Dorf here. In the Wendland, we have a mixture of more than 40 years of resistance against the nuclear waste disposal site in Gorleben, a vibrant community of artists and activists, education initiatives such as the Grüne Werkstatt Wendland, the incomparable Kulturelle Landpartie and the amazing natural and cultural landscape from the Elbe river to the Rundlingsdörfer.

There is so much to discover. Get started!

Elbe river & Elbe Cycle Path


The Elbe cycle path is 250 metres away and the harbour 600 metres. If you want to cross the Elbe, the pier is only 1200 away. On both sides of the Elbe, you will find charming little beaches to relax.

To discover

In the neighbourhood you`ll find the Archaeological Centre Hitzacker (AZH) that has a great variety of activities to discover and experience cultural history. The AZH is our cooperation partner, so we can offer you discounts. Please ask us for more information.


The destinature village is located in the middle of the biosphere reserve and the nature park Elbhöhen-Wendland – so you are surrounded by nature. You’ll find picturesque beaches along the banks of the Elbe river and, with a bit of luck, you can observe beavers, otters, storks and many other bird species. Magical and fascinating places like the Breeser Grund, the Nemitzer Heide or the Gartower See, to name only a few, are waiting to be explored. Hitzacker is in the middle of the so-called Ark Region, where many farms keep and breed old breeds of farm animals. Some farms are open to visitors. We will be happy to provide you with all the information.


The attractive old town of Hitzacker, also called the island, is only 400 metres away. And there’s even a vineyard up here in the north – just 800 metres from the destinature village. From the vineyard you have a great view over the Elbe river. On Lake Hitzacker, another 300 metres away, you can paddle across the lake in a dugout canoe.

Splashing, playing, skating

Of course, children will find many opportunities to play in the destinature Dorf. Otherwise, the open-air swimming pool in Hitzacker is only 500 metres away and the skate park is 200 metres away. There is also a playground around the corner.

Transport links

The Elbe cycle path is right in front of the destinature Dorf – so you can reach us quickly by bike. The Elbe ferry which takes you to the other bank of the Elbe is 1200 metres away. The train station is 1200 metres away and the harbour 600 metres. Check directions for more information.

For everything else…

… there is an organic food shop 600 metres away, a bicycle shop 600 metres away, the tourist information 500 metres away, a pharmacy 300 metres away and of course we are here for you if you have any questions or special requests.