Hygiene guidelines

We want you to feel comfortable with us. To protect our guests and staff from a further spread of the Covid-19 virus, we take care to follow the infection protection principles and hygiene rules and ask for your support. Here is an overview of our hygiene guidelines and measures.

Current: no restrictions

Out of consideration, we ask you to wear a mask voluntarily indoors.

According to current guidelines for protection against Corona, you do not need to bring proof of a complete vaccination or of having survived a Corona illness and you do not need to present an officially certified negative Corona test when you arrive.

On-site registration and Luca App

Guests must not register with us using the Luca app or a registration form on site.

Information and download of the Luca App can be found here.

Hygiene measures in the destinature village

1. public areas and toilets

  • All entrances are equipped with disinfectants.
  • Signs and displays, information sheets and posters with important information for you are in place.
  • Our staff have been instructed and are required to remind you to adhere to the applicable rules and hygiene measures.
  • We carry out cleaning according to hygiene standards on a regular basis. All areas are constantly ventilated and have outside windows.

2. reception in the bistro

  • We ask, if possible, for cashless payment.
  • Your invoice can be sent to you by mail.
  • We ask you to take your luggage to your hut immediately after check-in.
  • Meals will be provided according to order or arrangement.

3. outdoor terrace

  • In addition, we are happy to offer food to take away to the hut or to your terrace. Ordering and serving is done through our reception.

4. rooms

  • The rooms are completely cleaned and disinfected by our housekeeping before you move in.
  • The rooms are then cleaned in accordance with the current guidelines for industrial hygiene, only on request.
  • The bed linen is washed in accordance with the current hygiene regulations.

5. workplaces

  •  The staff have been instructed in detail on the latest hygiene standards to prevent infections.
  • Our hygiene concepts have been implemented.
  • An operational pandemic plan is in place.
  • The employer has a special responsibility for the employees and has implemented all measures to protect against infection.

Contact person for the hygiene guidelines

Ruben Danneberg (Occupational Safety Officer)

Tel.: 05824/955-197