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If you come to the Wendland by bike, you’ve done everything right. Still, you’ll want to see some of the beautiful nature, the surrounding villages and attractions. But not every destination can be reached on foot or by bike in one day.
In this case, you have the option of renting a vehicle from our cooperation partner Carsharing im Wendland.

We also have two bikes in destinature village Hitzacker, which can be rented from us. The bikes are from the manufacturer my boo, the model is called my Tano. The bikes can be rented for a whole day (10€) or half a day (5€). Please contact the reception if you are interested.

Rentals are possible from 8 am to 8 pm while our reception is open. Please also note that you can return the vehicles regardless of our opening hours.

How much does it cost?

You will be charged for the time you rent the vehicle and for the distance you ride. There is also a small handling fee.

Rate Small car Compact car Combi Minivan
8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 1,20 € 1,20 € 1,20 € 2,20 €
8 p.m. to 8 a.m. 0,60 € 0,60 € 0,60 € 1,10 €
Price per day 12,00 € 12,00 € 12,00 € 18,00 €

Rate Small car Compact car Combi Minivan
1 - 200 km 0,38 € 0,44 € 0,53 € 0,60 €
ab 201 km 0,30 € 0,38 € 0,44 € 0,52 €

+ 5,-€ handling fee per booking

Here we go (drive off)

Have you decided to go on a trip with a rented vehicle? Then the first step has been taken. Now grab your driving licence and come to our bistro. Please download the app “evemo” from the website carsharingimwendland. Afterwards you‘ll receive the access data from us. Through the app you have access to the vehicle. After the ride you log out of the app and the costs for the use are simply added to your accommodation costs.

Operation and use

  • You need a smartphone with mobile internet and Bluetooth.
  • Please check the vehicle for damage before you start your journey and report it directly to us or to the carsharing company.
  • The e-car (range approx. 300-400 km) can be opened and closed via the app, it simply starts via the start/stop button. It does not have a classic key.
  • The gas powered cars and e-bikes have a key box in the car or a safe nearby with the car key.
  • The e-car has a fuel card in the centre console that you can use to activate the charging station at the car park. Simply plug the cable into the charging station and the car and hold the fuel card up to the charging station.
  • The gas powered cars also have a fuel card that you can use to refuel the cars at no extra cost.
  • After the journey, you enter the kilometres driven in the logbook.
  • Remove all your items from the car, lock it and finish the booking in the app.
  • You can display the invoice for the individual journeys in the app.

Hey, where's my car?

Drawehnertorstraße 51

Small car: Peugeot 108 (5-Sitzer)
Minivan: VW T5 (8-Sitzer)

Am Wildgatter
Prof.-Wohltmann-Str. 2

Compact car: Hyundai Kona E (5-Sitzer)

Hitzacker Dorf
Sarensecker Weg 2

e-bike (Tiefeinsteiger)